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Discipline stats released for city school system

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle's School System is reporting only one instance of drug use at the high school during 2003, resulting in that student's move to alternative school.
The figure was released last week as part of a comprehensive set of information to the State Board of Education. School systems throughout the state are required to submit the information on a yearly basis. It covers such topics as fiscal responsibility and budgeting, as well as discipline statistics.
The disciplinary report covers 12 areas, and lists the number of incidents, the number of students involved and the punishment they received.
The largest number of incidents reported by Hartselle High School, 10, was for defiance of authority. Four of those students were moved to alternative school, four were suspended and two received paddlings.
Other statistics for the high school include:
The report also includes statistics for Hartselle Junior High School.
Those statistics show 21 incidents of defiance of authority, resulting in 10 suspensions, three moved to the alternative school and eight paddlings.
Other HJHS reports include:
Statistics from the three elementary schools are included as well. They include:
Barkley Bridge Elementary School
Crestline Elementary School

  • Defiance of authority, two incidents; one suspended, one paddled.
    F.E. Burleson School

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