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Sorry, but it's time to say "see you later"

By Staff
Nick Johnston, Sports Editor
You know, there's a fine line in doing something you love and doing what you have to do.
It kind of goes back to that whole "difference between want and need" thing.
That's the situation I'm in now – I want to stay here, but I need to go elsewhere.
I love it here … don't get me wrong, I wish I could stay. The friendships I have made have out-weighed the enemies for sure, but it's time to move on.
So, it's with a heavy heart I must tell you I'm leaving, and that it was great being here.
It's funny how much things change when you have a child of your own. It's almost like there's a voice telling you to "quit playing around," and that "this is serious now."
So when I look at Drew, I realize I must do something else in order to support him and my wife, Autumn, a little better.
I've accepted a position in Huntsville. No, it's not with a newspaper, it's something different. And anyone who knows me will know how much I will miss standing on the sidelines of a football game, or in the dugout of a baseball or softball game.
But like I said, it's time to get serious. And I will miss Hartselle.
I'll miss all the coaches at Hartselle, Danville, Falkville, Brewer and Priceville. I'll miss parents and athletes I've gotten to know, and friends I always see at different games.
And I couldn't have asked for a better year and a half. I've seen Hartselle's softball team win the state championship, Hartselle's basketball team reach the Final Four, and so many other triumphs from all of my coverage area teams.
I'd like to thank a bunch individually, but I know I would leave so many off the list. But to everybody I've had the privilege of getting to know, and you know who you are, thank you for everything.
You have made my job so much easier, whether you be a familiar face to talk to before a game, or someone to go out to eat with after a game.
Most importantly, I have to thank The Hartselle Enquirer. It's been a great place to work. I can't describe how nice it is to come to work knowing it's going to be a good time. Whether everybody's picking on me, or whatever else, it's just fun everyday.
Jill has been a blast to pick on, Ann has kept me in line, Randy gives me another guy to talk to, Susan could very well be the most kind-hearted person I know, Tracy has always beaten me in Jeopardy on our lunch break, Mandy seems to be the comic relief at times and loves any strange colored pen or paper, while Lavonda has been a big help from day one by proofreading my pages.
And, of course, my fearless leader – Leada. I will always remember how she has treated me during my time here, and I'm confident I'll never have a boss quite like Leada. She's been great.
As for me, I'll be here through Tuesday evening. I guess the last games I'll go to will be at the River City Classic.
So, if I don't see you in the next couple of days … see you later.