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Sports are filled with clich/s

By Staff
Nick Johnston, Sports Editor
The sports world is filled with clich/s.
Coaches, players, analysts and broadcasters all like to throw in a clich/ here and there (Actually, there's one right there). In nearly four years of journalism, I have heard my share of them.
I think coaches, though, are known more for their clich/s than anyone else, and they'll admit it. You know what I mean. After a game, win or lose, I can expect a few. And of course, I will agree, because he or she is usually right.
But, I've been thinking what it would be like if the only columns I wrote were filled with clich/s. Here's what I came up with.
First of all, I'm going to remind myself this column is a marathon, and not a sprint. I have to pace myself and eventually get the job done (See what I mean?).
I believe I write better when the readers are into it, when I can feel the electricity and the momentum on my side.
Don't get me wrong, I understand my role here. I feel as though I'm steady, and the newspaper counts on me week in and week out. And I love writing, so you can't stop me from it, you can only hope to contain me.
I get stronger as this goes on, but I realize I must write within myself. I will give 110 percent (How is that possible?) but I don't want to write above my head, because eventually it would all come crashing down.
Now, the competitive juices are flowing, but this could be a turning point. Time is of the essence, though, and no lead is too safe. And I have to remember, a tie is like kissing my sister (Whoever came up with that one is just sick).
After that statement, I may seem out of synch. For some reason I'm starting to lack consistency and make unforced eroorrss (Oops, that's errors). I'm not writing to win, it seems, and I'm on my heels, or on the ropes. I have to get back in rhythm.
I need a timeout…
Whew, that's exactly what I needed.
Now that I've re-grouped, I must maintain my composure and get my head back into the game.
Now, it's going down to the wire, and I'm in a real pressure cooker. It's a nip-and-tuck type of column, a real barn burner, and I know the readers are getting their money's worth.
The momentum's swinging, and everybody's really into it now.
There's not much time left, and I can't afford to get lackadaisical. Ten seconds seems like an eternity, I know, but it looks like I'm going to hold on for the win.
Ooooooh! I think that last line has sealed this column.
And remember, a column is always a matter of inches … Literally.
Looking back, I know I've really dodged a bullet with this. But, I went out and took care of business. I rose to the occasion and left everything on the page.
And I know I have to stay hungry, and just take one week at a time.