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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
How people in this area have celebrated the Christmas season in years past is illustrated with these reminiscences.
1884 – December 4, Thomas H. Davenport is the new minister for the Hartsell circuit which is a part of the north Alabama Methodist conference. He will have the opportunity to preach several sermons on the nativity.
1999 – December 4, Charles (Charley) Stewart, 91, shot a 5-point deer today, felling it from about 100 yards away.
1885 -December 5, A light snow fell here this morning to signal the beginning of the Christmas season.
1894 -December 6, James Simpson is now behind the counters of Hargrove, Stewart &Co. He is ready to assist all shoppers with their Christmas needs.
1950 -December 7, Three hundred excited children participated in the Kid's Day Christmas program this morning at the Strand.
1984 -December 7, Santa Claus arrived on the old Number Nine fire truck tonight as the star of a dazzling Hartselle Christmas parade.
1956 -December 8, Anyone who has not generated much Christmas spirit must be thoroughly embued with it now since seeing Hartselle's gorgeous street decorations, not to mention the handsomely decorated store windows. Hartselle is going in for the holiday season in a big way this year.
1939 -December 9, The Bates and Nelson store is selling balsam Christmas trees for forty cents each.
1943 -December 9, Fortunately for his enjoyment of Christmas, little Wayne Barclift is improving after suffering a throat illness at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Barclift.
1942 – December 10, A wonderful Christmas movie began its run today at the Strand. The picture is "Holiday Inn," the highlight of which is Bing Crosby's rendition of "White Christmas."
2000 – December 10, Nick Simmons, Danville, 5, wants Santa to bring him both a Power Ranger and a Rescue Ranger for Christmas. He thinks his dad needs additional coffee cups because he has broken a lot of his old ones.