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By Staff
The far right is too far right
Does President Bush think he is God? He surely acts like it. Not even God forces morality. Do it and be damned, but it's your choice.
At the behest of Bush, the far right is too far right. There's forced right to life in Florida regardless of the wishes or well being of the affected person. There's forced right to life nationally in anti abortion cases regardless of the health and welfare of the mother. Congress, at Bush's request, supports the right of the unborn but totally ignores the right of the living, the mother.
No living person has ever seen God, but the Bible, in Exodus 3:2-5 and Acts 7:30, tells of an angel of the Lord appearing before Moses in the desert near Mount Sinai as a burning bush. Maybe that's what we should do – burn Bush!
James L. Nix
Moore's departure hurts state
As we have heard much about Roy Moore, the term "rule of law" has been used many times. Mr. Moore was castigated because he didn't follow the rule of law. The truth is that there was no rule of law for him to follow.
Unless there is a law against what a person is doing there is no rule of law.
Judge Myron Thompson's order had no merit since it was not based on a law and in reality was a violation of our Constitution. Mr. Thompson is the one who should have been required to justify his actions, not Roy Moore.
If Roy Moore's removal from his office stands you might as well be looking for more of our freedoms to be lost because federal judges will be taking them away.
The so-called ACLU is a farce. Their name implies that they would defend our liberties but instead they work to take away the liberties of Christians.
What few people realize is that the ACLU and others of their ilk are out to wipe out Christianity in America in order to take us into the one world government that groups of wealthy people are working toward.
Unless Americans wake up and demand that our congress put some restraints on federal judges we will loose all of our freedoms within five years.
Edwin J. Slaten