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Shinn: Investigation going to AG

By Staff
Tracy B. Cieniewicz, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle High School Principal Jerry Reeves may be at the center of a recent inquiry made by school board attorney Bill Shinn regarding allegations of ethics violations within the school system.
The Hartselle Board of Education adopted a resolution last week requiring Shinn to present the results of the investigation to the state attorney general's office and the Ethics Commission.
Shinn said he hopes to hand deliver the information to both organizations this week.
"I have written both organizations to make them aware of the situation and arrange a time to present the information," Shinn said. "I'm trying to do a physical delivery and hope it would be this week."
Shinn said he was not interested in making a guess as to how long it would take the state attorney general and Ethics Commission to conclude their own inquiries.
Reeves and three high school custodians were deposed recently by Shinn in his inquiry at Hartselle High School.
Shinn would not say if Reeves is or is not the target of the investigation.
"This matter is at the stage where it (target's name) should remain private until a determination has been made by these organizations," Shinn said. "Peoples' reputations are at stake."
Shinn met with the board in an executive session last Thursday and advised Superintendent Dr. Lee Hartsell and board members not to comment on the case.
Documents regarding the investigation are not being released because they involve good name and character. Under Alabama law, that is the only exception to making such documents public.
Custodians Mike Powell, Billy Brown and Theresa Parker were also deposed in the inquiry.
The internal investigation began in August and has cost the school system approximately $4,100.