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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Tax money is currently extremely short for virtually every public activity. This is not a new situation.
1909-October 16, Probate Judge W. E. Skeggs says that Morgan County currently has only 25 miles of improved roads. Grading a road costs about $3,000 a mile. Somehow more funds must be found and quickly to get the farmer, and city dwellers as well, out of the mud.
1970 -October 17, Work will begin next month on an ambitious project to reroute part of Alabama Highway 36 and renovate the entire Hartselle downtown business district. The five-year project will be financed principally through a 1.8 million federal grant secured by Alabama Sens. John Sparkman and Jim Allen. Some business houses will be remodeled, a railroad overpass to improve the flow of downtown traffic will be constructed, and Main Street will be replaced with a landscaped mall which will be closed to traffic.
1916- October 18, A speaking campaign in the interest of a crucial amendment to the state Constitution is being waged in Morgan County under the direction of Prof. J. C. Tidwell, its superintendent of education. If approved it would increase property taxes in order to improve public schools.
1963-October 19, Still nothing concrete is promised to prevent another flood disaster. Hartselle is in desperate need of both state and federal funds to prevent a recurrence of the catastrophic inundation which occurred recently.
1975 -October 20, The post office has acquired the site for a new facility in Hartselle. Thanks to the Alabama congressional delegation and especially Representative Bob Jones.
1950- October 21, Hartselle has been approved for 40 family units of public housing. This was made possible by the omnibus federal appropriations bill passed recently.
1906-October 22, The value of the property on which taxes are assessed in Morgan County declined between this year and last in the amount of $120,715. This means less money for schools and roads.
1910 -October 22, The ladies of the Hartselle Culture Club are serving refreshments today in the Knights of Pythias hall. Quite elaborate preparations have been made for the occasion and a neat sum will undoubtedly be realized for the benefit of the public library. The library receives no tax funds.