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By Staff
Writer shouldn't bash Hartselle
I have been a proud member of this community for more than 24 years. I grew up in Hartselle and graduated from Hartselle City Schools. I married and moved my husband and family back to Hartselle. I wanted my children to benefit from this wonderful school system. I know this town is very special and one of few like it. We have a great community filled with spectacular people and businesses.
Now, having said all that, I am not caught up in a special little bubble. I am well aware of the politics and the back scratching that goes on in this town. I know all about the cliques that exist inside and outside our school system. I know about the issues with funding and spending beyond our means. However, in spite of all that, I am still a very proud citizen of this city. My point is this: there is no other town or community without problems. There is no "perfect" place to live. Wherever you go, you will find one or all of these problems. What you won't find is the charm Hartselle has to offer.
I am writing my first letter to this paper. I read the letters each week. I find most of them amusing, some of them informative and a few of them offensive. The latter provoked this commentary. There is a certain gentleman who apparently receives his enjoyment by tearing up this town. His opinions would be better kept to himself.
My question is why? Why do you continue to live in a town where you are so unhappy? Why do you stay in a place that gives you no satisfaction? I'm a little confused as to what is keeping you here. I am not a fan of your letters. However, I am answering your call to write and express my opinion.
You have the right to say whatever you want. You can go to all the council meetings and write all the letters to the Hartselle Enquirer that you wish. But we all know, you are not changing anyone's opinion about this great community. The only thing I find annoying is you.
Now, I didn't state your name because in a small town like Hartselle that is not acceptable or necessary. However, you should know, things have been like this for a long time. We like it here. We love our town. We love the people in it. And if we didn't we would move.
Teri Partridge Appleton
Coaches thank area for support
The members of the Hartselle Ponytail All-Star team, coaches and their families would like to thank each of you who made donations of any type to the team to help offset expenses incurred while staying in Montgomery for the state playoffs.
Although our Hartselle Ponytails did not win the state championship, they did represent our area very well by making it to the championship game and placing first runner up in the state of Alabama. Thank you again for your donations, but most of all thank you for your continued support.
Jimmy McClanahan and
Steve Hall, coaches
Councilman Chappell was right
Hooray for City Councilman Tom Chappell. I personally do not question in the least the qualifications of Alvin Abercrombie as a temporary replacement for the city council vacancy created by the resignation of Allen Stoner. I have met and talked with Mr. Abercrombie at his business on more than one occasion and believe him to be a very capable individual. However, I do not agree with the manner in which he was elected to the council.
I had seriously considered applying for the council vacancy to attempt to positively influence the city and its citizens in achieving what is needed for true progress and improvement of our community. However, after some lengthy deliberation I rejected the idea. I have never been and refuse to ever be a politician; therefore, I could not possibly last more than a couple of months until becoming at serious odds with the politics that inherently engulfs the organization.
I have no idea what prompted the apparent knee jerk action of some city council members but I am seriously disappointed and concerned that their apparent well planned approach was abandoned in favor of a power play.
James L. Nix