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Oh, so close

By Staff
11-12 Hartselle team falls in championship
Nick Johnston, Hartselle Enquirer
DUNCANVILLE – After losing its first game of the tournament, the Hartselle 11 and 12-year old American Team likely knew it would be an uphill battle for the championship.
The wins started coming, though. And didn't stop until the championship game.
After winning four consecutive games to reach the State Championship Game, Hartselle fell to Prattville 7-2 and earned the first runner-up title.
Saraland 2, Hartselle 1
Game 1
Hartselle jumped out to a 1-0 lead early, but left the bases loaded twice in the game.
Saraland took advantage of its good fortune and spread out two runs throughout six innings.
Chad Girodo pitched the first two innings, allowing four hits and striking out two. Garrett Turrentine then entered and allowed two hits and a walk in two innings.
David Reeves finished the contest, pitching one inning and allowing just one hit.
At the plate, Jonathan Hartsell and Manquez Jones both singled.
Hartselle 9, Oxford 5
Game 2
Hartselle bounced back with a win, but at a steep price.
Chad Girodo rounded third and headed for home when disaster struck. In a play at the plate, Girodo broke his leg in two places, and was lost for the remainder of the All-Star Tournament.
David Reeves, though, made sure his team would get the win. He pitched four innings and struck out three. Andrew Howard cleaned up in the fifth inning, allowing just one hit and striking out two.
Garrett Turrentine doubled, while Jonathan Hartsell, David Reeves and Zack Waddell all singled in the win.
Hartselle 10, Shelby County 0
Game 3
Garrett Turrentine pitched the complete game, allowing just two hits and a walk while striking out five.
Andrew Howard hit a grand slam and doubled to lead his team at the plate. Payton Sittason doubled, Jonathan Hartsell notched two singles, while Turrentine, David Reeves, John Roberts, Taylor Nelson, Manquez Jones, Mike Hasse and Daryn Raley all added base hits.
Hartselle 11, Rainsville 1
Game 4
Hartselle needed just four innings to win the game, as Garrett Turrentine hit a walk-off home run.
Andrew Howard struck out seven in the complete game win.
Turrentine, Zack Waddell and Manquez Jones each doubled, David Reeves and John Roberts both had two singles, while Jonathan Hartsell, Howard, Taylor Nelson and Daryn Raley also had base hits.
Hartselle 8, Troy 3
Game 5
Hartselle roared into the championship game with a win over Troy.
David Reeves kept Troy in check the entire game, allowing just three hits and striking out nine batters for the win.
At the plate, Reeves doubled, Zack Waddell notched two singles, while Jonathan Hartsell, Garrett Turrentine, John Roberts, Payton Sittason, Manquez Jones and Daryn Raley all added base hits.
Hartselle, though, fell 7-2 in the championship tilt against Prattville.