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By Staff
Athletic boosters thank sponsors
The Hartselle Athletic Booster Club would like to thank the teams who played in, and especially those who sponsored, our recent golf tournament at Quail Creek and helped to make it a success.
With the money that was raised, the Boosters will be able to continue our support of Hartselle High School athletics.
Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who sponsored the 2003 golf tournament: First American Bank, Abercrombie Chevrolet, Addison Fabricators, American Family Mortgage, B&G OK Tires, Billy Tillman Plumbing, Blue Dolphin Pools, Buy Rite Drugs, Chad Hughey-State Farm, Chenault Heating &Cooling, Cheryl's Barber Shop, Coldwell Banker Hartselle Real Estate, Community Bank Hartselle, Copeland Corporation, Corum's Building &Farm Center, Dari Delite, David's Catfish Restaurant, Dominos Pizza Hartselle, Doyle's Supply, Dr. James Joy &Gold Crown Estate, Dr. Doug Sittason, Dr, Chris Teichmiller, Dr. Bachmann, Dr. Mark Hendrix, Eddie Preuitt Ford, Ferguson Enterprises, Gilchrist Pharmacy, Glenwood Development LLC, Goldmine Jewelers, Golf Supply America, Greg Tanksley, Hartselle Enquirer, Hartselle Medical Center, Hartselle Family Medicine, Hartselle Sporting Goods, Hartselle Heritage Funeral Home, Hembree Machine, HHS Wrestling Team, Home Town Market, Huddle House, James Kifer, Jeffrey Roberts-Attorney at Law, Jimmy Smith Jewelers, JIT Supplies, Lawrimore Trailers, McClanahan Hardware, McCollum's Catfish Restaurant, Napa Auto Parts, OH! Bryan's Family Steak House, Pam's Beauty Shop/Byford Plumbing, Papa John's Pizza, Parr Corporation, Peck Glasgow Insurance Agency, Pepsi Cola, Pig Stand Barbecue, Pizza Hut Hartselle, Quail Creek Pro Shop, Quality Construction Service, Red House Grill, Region's Bank, Region's Bank of Hartselle, Reli Finance, Mary Ann at ReMax, Repar Golf, Ronald Grantland, Serra Toyota of Decatur, Sonoco-Baker Industries Reel Division, SouthTrust Bank, Sports Med-Dr. Troy Layton, Tennessee Valley Vipers, Texaco Xpress Lube, The Book Cellar, Wal-Mart Supercenter Hartselle, Warehouse Carpets, and Whitt's Barbecue.
Hartselle Athletic Booster Club
City council is striking out
The ball game in Hartselle is in the ninth inning. Bases are loaded, and the city council is at bat. The problem is, the batter has two strikes against him.
The first strike was the the revenue raising issue of alcohol sales in Hartselle.
That went down like a 95 mile an hour fast ball. Strike two was the 10 mill property tax increase.
That looked like a quick curve ball.
Now the batter is looking at a sales tax increase.
He has no idea what the pitcher has in store for him. Hopefully the pitcher is an aggressive pitcher, and he is ready to throw the mother of all fast balls.
Hartselle has a history of throwing away more money than it takes in. We buy things that are never used. We pave streets that are not in need, while other streets in need do not get paved. We buy police cars while we have some that sit idle. We appoint positions of employment for people to save the city money, all the while, it usually winds up costing us more money.
This current council said they could do the job required when they were elected.
On my report card, they fall extremely short of a passing grade. We need someone in charge that has a presence of mind and some profitable business experience. This person should not be connected to any particular entity, organization, or interest group. He or she should be able to be the mayor and the city administrator.
I cannot understand why anyone would run for an office, and not be able to accept the responsibilities and the requirements of the position. That doesn't look good on any resume.
I have said over and over, time after time, that the solution to Hartselle's problem is as simple as the nose on one's face. Look at the city budget, line by line. Take some whiteout, and remove all the waste from it.
You can start with the ridiculous $1.4 million parks and recreation budget. It is seriously over budgeted, and ever growing.
Wake up Hartselle City Council. Stop the madness of sticking your hands in my wallet, when you fall short of your special interest goals.
Mike Dowdy
Where did citizen's group go?
I would like to know where Jeff Johnson and Michael Grooms are now?
The leaders for Citizens for a Safe Hartselle have just disappeared. Did they just disband after the wet/dry vote?
I was under the impression that they wanted to make Hartselle a better place. Where are they when Hartselle needs help?
They were able to raise $17,000 for signs and ads. What about raising money for some of the projects Hartselle is trying to fund?
Were they really not for the betterment of Hartselle? Wasn't that their real intentions?
I would like to challenge everyone that donated to Citizens for a Safe Hartselle to come together once again and collect funds to help Hartselle out of its financial bind.
And, once again, where did Jeff Johnson and Michael Grooms go?
Lora Ramey