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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Taxes are almost always controversial.
1907-July 10, The board of county commissioners is in session at the courthouse currently adjusting tax raises. Back tax commissioner W. C. Preston says that there are about 1,800 pieces of property in the county on which the taxes have been raised. This is the greatest number of raises in the history of the county and its treasury will be materially benefited.
1912-July 11, The total assessed value of the property in Morgan County is now estimated to be over $9 million and the total taxes on this amount equal about $130,000. This is somewhat above 1 percent of the value of the property.
1916-July 12, Due to the present good times, almost all property in Morgan County has been raised in tax valuation. This will almost certainly mean higher property tax bills for property owners when the board of tax equalizers finish their work.
1962 – July 13, The first members of the new city education board will be selected within the next month by the Hartselle city council. They will have the responsibility of studying the financial needs of Hartselle schools and making recommendations for improvements. New taxes are practically inevitable.
1927 – July 14, In a few months the cost of cigars and cigarettes will go up in Alabama. At that time the state tax commission will begin collecting a 15 per cent "nuisance" tax on the wholesale prices of these forms of the "weed." It is generally estimated that packs of cigarettes now costing 15 cents will cost 18 cents and 10-cent cigars will be 12 cents.
1906 – July 15, C. G. Harris is currently serving with great distinction as tax assessor for Morgan County. There is concern, however, that his health has not been robust recently.
1916 – July 16, The poll tax books for Morgan County are now closed. However, they will be reopened on October 2 in the office of county Tax Assessor Charles Robertson. Citizens who have neglected to pay their poll tax will then have another opportunity to qualify themselves as voters.
1965 – July 16, The Hartselle municipal airport will be eligible to share in proceeds from aviation fuel taxes when it becomes a part of the state airport system. Mayor John Reynolds has provided invaluable leadership in this area. (Former Mayor Reynolds died recently.)