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School boards commended for openness

By Staff
Right to know, Hartselle Enquirer
Too often, we hear complaints about people feeling they are left out of the governmental process.
Too many things happen in secret, people say, a charge often leveled at the Hartselle School Board.
This week, however, the Enquirer sought out salary records for Hartselle City and Morgan County School Board central office employees.
The results were impressive. Both requests were honored within 24 hours and officials at both locations were helpful and courteous.
The results of our mini-survey mirror the larger one recently conducted statewide by a group of volunteers.
Those asking for public records in Morgan County were met with "yeses" instead of the "nos" they heard in too many counties and cities.
There will always be those who say government has a secret agenda. In this case, however, the school boards seemed willing and eager to let the sun shine in.