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By Staff
City greets visitors with open arms
To the city with a heart-
Earlier this month, my wife and I, along with nine other RV Care-A-Vanners, experienced the true definition of Southern hospitality.
We are a group (who drive RVs) working for Habitat for Humanity and were in the area for a two-week work session.
Rising waters of the Tennessee River forced us out of the park in Decatur. We were directed to the parking lot of First Methodist Church in Hartselle for a couple of days.
We were graciously welcomed and looked after by church members.
Thanks to the efforts of some local residents, we were allowed to park our rigs next to the Chamber of Commerce building with utilities available.
What a generous thing to do for visitors. Everyone we met in your city was open and friendly and interested in our work.
Thanks to you, we were able to complete a Re-Hab project on a Habitat house in Hartselle.
From all of us Care-A-Vanners, thank you for your generosity. Hartselle truly is the "City with a Heart."
Jim and Ritta Conley
RV Care-A-Vanners
Habitat for Humanity
Hartselle not using money wisely
Actions speak much louder than words. It would appear that the majority of the present council, "goes with the flow." Unfortunately, the flow in this case, we as citizens, are not privy to. They put up a good front, (smoke and mirrors), but when the smoke clears, we are still back at square one.
When my households budget gets stretched thin, there is only one recourse. I have to cut back on the non-essential necessities. Common sense dictates this, yet our council is obviously blind to this concept. Instead of cutting away the fat of the current budget, they instead, keep it, and simply add to the final costs, putting the burden on the tax payer.
I have repeatedly said over the years that our budget suffers from "pandering." Just look at the Parks and Recreation part of the budget. I could probably live the rest of my life with one year's worth of the current Parks and Rec part of the budget, (Approximately $1.4 million). Now, they want us to pick up the tab for more money, so they can buy a stupid soccer field. I wonder who gets the proverbial "pat on the back" when the smoke clears on this one.
After digging through the bureaucratic rubble, I have learned something that our council already knows, but ignores. When you give tax incentives to businesses in order for them to come into the city, it tends to bite you in the rear. Your left hand should know what your right hand is doing at all times.
Last week, I read an article that was in this very paper which stated that our mayor, (Clif Knight), was a conservative. According to my dictionary, a conservative is "one that opposes changes, and tries to keep the existing order of things." I am afraid to say that I haven't seen any attempt of our mayor or council to do either of these. I have also noticed that among a lot of the citizens of this town, you who are currently serving on the council, has dug your own political grave.
Mike Dowdy