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The secret link between me and Ruben

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
If you've been living on Mars and were unaware, Ruben Studdard is the new American Idol.
Studdard, known as the Velvet Teddybear and the Round Mound of Sound, is from Birmingham. He's captured the nation's attention with his recent victory on the reality television show "American Idol."
Since his win over a fellow Southerner, Clay Aiken of North Carolina, Studdard has been everywhere, from "Entertainment Tonight" to the "Today Show."
Alabama's governor even set aside a day as "Ruben Studdard Day" in Alabama.
Ruben, who's a large fellow with equally oversized dimples, wears shirts sporting the numbers "205," the area code for much of Central Alabama. In Ruben's words, he's "representin'.
From all those who know him, this sudden success couldn't have come to a nicer guy and a better family. His mother looks so proud she's about the bust.
And while everyone is suddenly going through Ruben Mania, few people are aware of the secret link that Ruben and I share. So I'm here to let the cats out of the bag and, when you really look at all the connections, you, too, will be amazed.
Consider this:
There are some differences, though.
Ruben can sing. And he's famous and he's going to be really, really rich.
I can't sing, am certainly not famous and unless shoes count as an investment, won't qualify as really, really rich in this lifetime.
So close, but oh, so far.