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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Here is more about the life and work of famed Hartselle author William Bradford Huie (1910-1986) and his family. Mr. Huie was Alabama's most widely published writer extending over a period of many years.
1942-May 15, The first novel of brilliant young Hartselle writer William Bradford Huie has just come from the presses of L. B. Fischer in New York. Presented in the form of a narrative by young "Peter Garth Lafavor," it emphasizes the effects of TVA on north Alabama life and culture.
1935–May 16, Mrs. William Huie is now back with her husband at their home in Birmingham after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Puckett. Mr. Huie is a reporter with the evening Birmingham Post.
1943–May 17, Mrs. Bill Huie, who has been teaching in Hanceville, is here to spend some time with her mother, Mrs. Josie Puckett. Later she will visit Mr. Huie, who has joined the Sea Bees and is stationed in Virginia.
1955-May 18, Elia Kazan, world-renowned film director-producer, is interested in creating a movie version of famed Hartselle writer Bill Huie's novel Mud on the Stars. Among Mr. Kazan's better known efforts from Hollywood are such pictures as "Baby Doll" and "Streetcar Named Desire."
1960-May 18, The film critic of the Hollywood trade publication Variety screened "Wild River" at Twentieth Century-Fox studio today. (His subsequent review was very favorable.)
1959-May 19, "Wild River," based on novels by Hartselle's Bill Huie and Scottsboro's Borden Deal, is now being filmed in Charleston, Tennessee, in the vicinity of the Hiwassee River, Lake Chicamauga, and the Great Smokie Mountains.
1959-May 20, There has been a delay in getting the film version of Bill Huie's book The Americanization of Emily ready for release to theatres. The new target date is this fall.
1956-May 21, "If You Waana See Mamie Tonight," sung by the Ames Brothers and inspired by the Bill Huie film, "The Revolt of Mamie Stover," is now enjoying considerable play on turntables around the nation.