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Parents, teachers surveyed

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle's parents and teachers have two weeks to express their thoughts on the future of school uniforms.
Parents are asked to go to their child's school to vote on whether they support school uniforms. Teachers will also be able to cast their vote. Forms are available in the office of each Hartselle City school.
The results of that poll will be among the factors school board members use when deciding if students should wear uniforms. The poll and uniforms in general will be the topic of an up-coming public meeting, according to Superintendent Dr. Lee Hartsell. The date, time and location of the meeting have not been set.
"I've had lots of parents talk to me and were very supportive about it (uniforms)," Hartsell said. "Others are adamant against it. We need to listen to the parents and get a good majority for it before we do this."
Listening to the parents, as well as teachers and students, took up a large majority of Monday's school board meeting.
"I'm tired of having to ask young ladies about what they are wearing," Junior High physical education teacher Dean Shelton said. "The time we should spend in our classrooms we're spending enforcing the dress code."
Not all teachers agreed with the dress code, however.
"People should be individuals," Crestline teacher Carol Harris told the board. "The main thing is to enforce the dress code that we have."
Student Ann Smith, a junior at Hartselle High School, agreed. She and several other students said the dress code would target the wrong people.
"Students will view this as punishment," Smith said.
Students presented board members with a petition containing 250 signatures opposed to school uniforms. Many were gathered during a protest held across from the high school last Friday.
The board began considering uniforms last month when members said they were concerned with the number of dress code violations and the effect on instructional time. The exact style of uniform being considered has not been decided, though Board Member Ronnie Abercrombie presented a sample of a uniform from Walker County. The uniform consists of khaki pants and a red, collared shirt.