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Check round-up nets $55,000

By Staff
Staff Reports, Hartselle Enquirer
A multi-county roundup of bad check writers has netted more than $55,000 in Morgan County alone, according to District Attorney Bob Burrell.
Burrell's office began distributing reimbursement checks last Wednesday. The round-up netted more than $55,000 and disposed of 555 warrants.
Seventeen deputies from the Morgan County Sheriff's Department assisted in the operation. The deputies were assisted by two officers from the Decatur Police Department's warrant division.
Twenty-five people were arrested in connection with the round-up.
Burrell said new technology has added to the round-up's success.
"Thanks to new technology, we have not had many warrants returned because of bad addresses," he said. "That's bad news for bad check writers because Morgan County deputies are hitting the streets with warrants in hand and good addresses to check out."
Several Morgan County residents were also arrested by other counties that were also participating in the drive.
Burrell said he advises anyone with an outstanding warrant for bad checks to turn themselves in to the Worthless Check Unit, rather than subjecting themselves to the inconvenience, expense and embarrassment of arrest.
"Once a deputy comes knocking on your door, evasiveness and attempting to mislead officers only results in additional charges being filed," Burrell said. "Many bad check writers have attempted to elude law enforcement by staying one step ahead of us, but I am here to tell you that the odds of anyone doing that for very long, with today's technology, are against it."