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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By Staff
The 2002 gubernatorial election will rank as one of the most controversial in Alabama's history. In distant years Democratic wins over Republican candidates were routine.
1900-November 21, The board to canvass the vote in the election earlier this month will meet in the office of the secretary of state tomorrow. The result is expected to disclose that the Democratic candidate prevailed over his Republican opponent by a margin of 40,699 in the state as a whole.
1916-November 22, The newly elected Democratic Circuit Court Clerk J. L. Draper says that his office deputy will be his son, Euel, and his clerk will be his daughter, Lucile.
1944-November 23, This year's presidential race was anything but close here in Morgan County. Official totals released today show that President Roosevelt received 4,124 votes, New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey only 664 votes.
1903-November 24, Although the election of county officers does not take place until next year there are already quite a number of candidates in the field for nomination to the various county offices while many more are spoken of. William E. Skeggs, Dan Walden, and John Samples are possible probate judge candidates.
1931-November 25, The Green state inheritance tax, estimated to bring $230,000 annually into the state treasury, was adopted at the polls on November 10 by the lopsided vote of 57,094 to 12,837. Morgan supported the new tax by a margin of 1,455 for to 62 against.
1934-November 26, The Morgan County Farmers' Federation has been organized with the top cotton growers in the county as charter members. (The statewide ALFA is now one of Alabama's most influential political interest groups, strongly backing Bob Riley in the recent election.)
1957-November 27, Mrs. Ethel Pattillo, Mrs. Eunice Clemons, and Mrs. Ethel Alberta Vest will serve as Hartselle election managers in next month's constitutional amendment referendum. Incredibly, the Alabama Constitution already has more than one hundred amendments. (It now has more than 700.)
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)