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Hartselle Enquirer

A look back

By Staff
The election of 2002 is now history. Here are some recollections from previous campaign seasons.
1938-November 7, Major Frank M. Dixon will be formally elected governor of Alabama tomorrow. He faces only token Republican opposition. Major Dixon was a hero in the World War and lost a leg in his country's service.
1910-November 8, Emmet O'Neal of Florence was formally elected governor of Alabama today over very nominal Republican opposition. Proponents for the public schools hope he will be as favorable to education as Governor B. B. Comer has been during the past four years.
1926-November 9, The new Morgan County Board of Revenue which has now been formally elected will have as their first major challenge the rebuilding of the burned courthouse. There is still strong sentiment for moving the county seat to Hartselle.
1952-November 10, It is strongly believed that a number of Democratic officeholders voted for the victorious Dwight D. Eisenhower in the presidential election of a few days ago. These individuals will face a dilemma if they are required, the next time they try to run as Democrats, to swear that they voted in 1952 only for their party's nominees.
1901-November 11, Alabama voters approved a new Constitution today by a vote of 108,613 to 81,734. Morgan County voters did not favor it. Nor did voters in several other parts of north Alabama.
1998-November 12, As a result of the recent general election vote, Hartselle's Susan Parker will become Alabama's new state auditor in January. Mrs. Parker is the wife of State Representative Paul Parker who did not seek reelection to the Legislature.
1906-November 13, The official count of the recent state and county elections shows that only 1,036 votes were cast in this county. This is the smallest number of votes ever cast at a state election in this county. There was no opposition to the Democratic ticket and for this reason but little interest was taken in the election.
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)