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By Staff
City not using funds wisely
Where is the street sweeper that the city purchased over two years ago, and why hasn't it been used?
They paid several thousand dollars for it. (I think it was around $50,000)
Ferrell Vest was given a job to manage the city. In this job, he was to figure out a way for the city to save money. The only thing this city manager position has done is costs the city money. Sixty-thousand a year is a lot of money to pay someone for absolutely no results.
Why is the Parks and Recreational budget over $1,000,000 a year? Seems like some of that money could be well spent on other things.
What happened to the supposed law suit that Larry Madison filed against the swimming pool liner company?
They installed a liner three years ago, that had to be replaced with our tax dollars.
I just think that things like this, that are morally and financially wrong, should be brought to light. For the record, I am 100 percent opposed to the sale of alcohol in Hartselle.
Mike Dowdy
Social Security raise a joke
Last week the Social Security Administration really outdid itself by granting a major increase of a whopping 1.4 percent in benefits.
It seems to be a bad joke, as this will not even cover the garbage fee for one month.
In the meantime, our great leaders in Washington, D.C. are spending millions, even billions, on foreign countries, which will not bring about one cent in return.
It seems as though senior citizens always get hit the hardest.
Americans should take a hard look at the upcoming elections and eliminate some of the lying politicians.
Republicans or democrats-there is no difference.
Everybody promises but nobody does anything.
Heinz Linnemann