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Get the facts and get out to vote

By Staff
Should alcohol sales be allowed in Hartselle? That's the hot topic these days for area residents.
Everywhere you look, there are signs urging you to vote no or yes on alcohol sales. Tensions are high and tempers are getting hot.
There is also a lot of misinformation and rumors going around about alcohol sales. Some people feel if Hartselle goes wet, lounges and nightclubs will spring up over night. Others feel alcohol sales will be zoned out of the city and not allowed anywhere, even if it is approved.
Don't believe either of these fallacies.
All Hartselle voters should ignore the rumors, get the facts and then get out and vote.
The fact is the city of Hartselle must find additional revenue if it wants to grow in the future. The main two ways to increase revenue are to collect more sales tax, such as through alcohol sales, or raise property taxes.
You can't expect to grow without money and Hartselle residents must accept that services and city progress cost money.
Should that money come from alcohol sales? You will have to examine your conscience on that. If you do vote no, however, be prepared to accept and work for an increased property tax.
Someone has to pay the piper.