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Our choices for Governor, Lt. Gov

By Staff
Election 2002
The next governor of Alabama faces an array of challenges. In the next four years, Alabama must improve its education system and change its archaic constitution. At the same time, the state must protect its current businesses – especially heavy industry and textiles- while growing its economic base.
With these challenges ahead, we believe Don Siegelman is the best person to lead Alabama.
Siegelman's first administration has had its troubles and there is a concern over items such as no-bid contracts. Much of the concern there smacks of political pot shots on a long-standing state governmental practice rather than a true concern for clean government.
However, as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and Siegelman has proved to be an active and effective governor for the state.
Consider this:
In an interview last week, Siegelman promised to work to bring some of that economic growth to North Alabama.
"There are projects we are working on now that will directly affect the economic growth of the Hartselle and Decatur area," Siegelman said.
Siegelman's plan – especially the part dealing with the lottery – raises concerns. However, his opponent's plan contains little information on how he would pay for any improvements to the education system. We encourage Siegelman to continue to push for improvements in Alabama's education system and to work to provide funding, even if that money comes in the form of a lottery.
The next governor could be the one to lead the charge to re-write Alabama's constitution and thus improve the future of all Alabamians. It's an important and historic role and one Siegelman is well-suited for.
Lt. Governor
For Lt. Gov., the Enquirer is supporting Lucy Baxley.
Baxley is a capable and efficient public servant who has done an excellent job as state treasurer. Through her leadership, the state has promoted its pre-paid college tuition program and its unclaimed property division. We look forward to the fresh attitude and sense of energy she will bring to the job.