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Christmas project designed to help
The Christmas Clearinghouse is here to serve you. In conjunction with area agencies, churches, and other organizations, the Clearinghouse cross-references families who are receiving assistance during the Christmas holidays. This reduces the risk of duplicate assistance.
During the holidays, we want to be generous and help as many families as possible. If one family receives the same assistance from two sources, this reduces the assistance that is available to others.
The Christmas Clearinghouse can tell you if a family is receiving assistance or add the families your group will assist to the database.
For further information, please call 353-2822 and ask for Kim Little or Dean Downey.
Mark S. Smith, Major Corps Officer
Christmas Clearinghouse
Alcohol doesn't belong in city
In reading the Hartselle Enquirer on the subject of alcohol sales in Hartselle, I am struck by the position taken by the city council and local merchants that Hartselle is losing so much revenue to the city. This brings to my mind certain questions that need to be answered.
What's the dollar value of a broken home or a ruined career or a teenager's life?
The council should be concentrating on how to make Hartselle a more wholesome place to live and raise a family. Will alcohol sales promote the reputation of Hartselle as the foremost bedroom community in this area?
I suggest the council own up to its responsibility and do the principled thing and scrap the whole idea of alcohol sales in Hartselle.
Herb McCarley