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Hartselle Enquirer

In Memoriam

By Staff
September 14
I think the future holds tests for America. I believe that America will go through many more events like this, but we have to continue to stand together, and stay strong. We cannot let these events take total control of our lives, but we must realize the dangers of them. If we continue to pray, and have faith in God, then he will hold us in his hands, and he will protect our nation. There are many tests in the future for America, but we have to stay strong and continue to help each other. The hope of the nation depends on it. Christa Ward
Junior, Hartselle High School
As for America, I believe we have handled this the best way we know how. I greatly admire the way that so many countries have joined together to fight terrorism, but honestly I believe we are and will be in the fight alone, as the case always is. I believe that we can ultimately shut down the major terrorist organizations, and drastically lower acts of terrorism as a whole. America is strong and will stay strong through the ordeal. I cannot say exactly what the future holds for America, whether good or bad, but one thing is for sure; the heroes of Sept. 11th will be remembered by all for ages to come.
Gary Speegle
Senior, Hartselle HIgh School
Students from Barkley Bridge Elementary School were asked to contribute art work for the special commemorative Sept. 11 section of the Enquirer. Stories for this section came from the Hartselle High School publications class. Thank you to these groups for participating in this special section.
– – The Editor