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Young turns up near the money

By By Bob Ingram, Alabama Scene
MONTGOMERY–On Goat Hill they are called "FOD's"…as in Friends of Don Siegelman…and none seems to be a better friend than Lanny Young, who is invariably described in the press as a political consultant. Perhaps "Mr. Fix-It" would be a better title.
About Young – I know very little other than when there is money to be made his name frequently turns up. His name has cropped up again, this time in a story by a nosy newsman named Eddie Curran of the Mobile Register who is near the top of the "Ten Most Wanted" list maintained by the Siegelman Administration. Curran has been such a thorn in the side of the governor that there is a standing order that no one on the Governor's staff is allowed to speak to him.
The latest disclosure by Curran concerned a long-running dispute between Waste Management, the firm that operates the waste disposal landfill at Emelle, and the State Revenue Department.
The tax on waste disposed at Emelle is based on its toxicity, and Waste Management had contended for years that some of the waste they had at Emelle should be taxed at a lower rate.
Thanks to Curran, it has been revealed that the law firm representing Waste Management retained the services of Young…who is not a lawyer…to help in resolving the dispute.
Just what Young did is unclear but Waste Management got a favorable ruling from the Revenue Department and in turn the company paid Young $500,000 for his services.
Interestingly, this dispute which had raged for several years was settled only two weeks after Young was retained.
In fact the only Democrats endorsed by Alfa for state office were Ron Sparks for Agriculture Commissioner and Jan Cook for Place No. 1 on the Public Service Commission. In addition, two Democratic congressmen were also endorsed: Bud Cramer of Huntsville (5th District) and Artur Davis of Birmingham (7th District.)