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9-10 all-stars fade in sub-district play

By Staff
The 7-8 year old Hartselle American All-stars had to battle through the losers' bracket, but when the last out was called they were champions of Dixie Baseball's 7-8 Area B.
After falling to the Monrovia squad in their opening game, Hartselle looked as though they would have to settle for a runners-up slot when the Monrovia team erupted for six runs in the first inning of the championship game. Hartselle plated only one.
The second inning was scoreless for both teams.
Monrovia added three runs to their total in the third, but Hartselle began to get their bats limbered up and plated six runs to cut the Monrovia lead to 9-7.
Both squads came up dry in the fourth inning, setting the stage for Hartselle's come from behind victory.
The fifth inning opened with Monrovia boosting their lead to 11-7, but Hartselle responded with a seven-run rally that catapulted them into the lead.
Monrovia went three-up and three-down to seal the win for Hartselle.
Aaron Wooley led the Hartselle hitting with a triple and a double. Reese Ashwander connected for a three-bagger and a base hit.
Austin Dupper ripped a pair of doubles and finished off with a single. Travis Sumerel doubled and singled. Blair Sittason connected for a double.
Blaze Lawrimore led the base hitting with three. Daniel Perry and Joe Yeager connected for base hit pairs. Carson Clemons, Tanner Terry, Tillman Landers, Dalton Stisher and Tanner Phillips completed the Hartselle hitting with singles.
The Morgan team drew first blood with a run in the first inning, but the Hartselle all-stars responded with five runs in the top of the second inning.
Morgan added two in the bottom half, but the Hartselle squad was in the groove. They added five more runs in the third inning, expanding their lead to 10-5 going into the fourth inning.
Morgan closed the gap a bit after Hartselle added their 11 th run. Morgan plated three runs in the fourth inning, but came up dry in the fifth, while Hartselle completed four circuits.
The Hartselle all-stars wrapped up their scoring with a final run in the top of the sixth. They had to shut down a Morgan rally that collected two runs before the final out.
Blaze Lawrimore went for a yard trip to lead the Hartselle Americans hitting against Morgan.
Aaron Wooley doubled and singled for Hartselle. Tanner Terry clipped a two-bagger and two singles. Carson Clemons connected for a triple, a double and one base hit. Daniel Perry ripped two extra-base hits, while Reese Ashwander was good for a double and a single.
Dalton Stisher connected for a base hit pair. Blair Sittason ripped a triple and one base hit.
Joe Yeager was good for two singles, while Travis Sumerel doubled and singled.
For Morgan Brett Blackwood ripped a pair of singles. Keaton Bennich slapped a base hit. Travis Davis matched Blackwood's performance with two base hits.
Nick Smith connected for a single. Justin Oakes tripled and ripped one base hit.
Todd Hormel was good for a base hit pair.
Tyler Hormel crushed a triple, while Aaron Becerra ripped a single.
Garrett Tucker singled, while Hayden Blevins was good for a double and one single. Cody Frost finished the Morgan hitting with a base hit.
The Hartselle Americans doubled the scoring effort of the Limestone squad as they picked up their second victory of the area tournament.
Limestone opened the scoring with a single run, but Hartselle immediately answered with two runs to take the lead.
Hartselle held Limestone scoreless through the next three innings, while adding a pair in the second and finishing out their scoring with a third pair of runs in the fourth inning.
Limestone collected their final run in the top of the fifth.
Dupper ripped a double to start off the Hartselle's hitting. Tanner Phillips also doubled. T. Landers singled.
Tanner Terry and Daniel Perry ripped base hit pairs for the Americans.
Carson Clemons, R. Ashwander and Joe Yeager singled.
The Hartselle Americans never got their offense in gear in their opening game of the area tournament. Their eventual championship opponent sent the Hartselle squad to the losers' bracket by a one-sided tally.
Monrovia got on the board with a pair of runs in the second inning to open the scoring. They padded their lead with four runs in the fourth inning before Hartselle got on the board.
The Americans finally got on the board with three runs in the fifth inning, but that finished the scoring for Hartselle.
Tillman Landers led the Hartselle hitting with a double and one single. Singling for Hartselle were A. Dupper, B. Lawrimore, A. Wooley, D. Perry, T. Sumerel, R. Ashwander, D. Stisher, J. Yeager and B. Sittason.