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By Staff
I am proud to be an American. I love my country and my community. I grew up in Hartselle and my parents lived here most their lives. They instilled in me a pride in my heritage and my country and a responsibility to keep it safe and clean. My dad and my husband were both veterans and I am very aware of the sacrifices they and others have made for me.
I have recycled for 25 years and will continue to do so, even if our city council votes to do away with curbside recycling on July 9. This earth is ours to care for and we, our children, and grandchildren will reap the benefits or failures from our efforts.
But I smell garbage, friends, and it is coming from city hall. A few months ago, the City Council voted to give (no other bids were solicited) our sanitation business to Morgan County instead of Waste Management. Mr. (Frank) Jones and Mr. (Dick) Carter said it was to save money. The old charge for monthly garbage pick-up was $8.16 per household. The new charge will be approximately $9.50 a month and you will lose your curbside recycling. This is a $1.34 a month increase with a service lost. Friends, something stinks!
BFI has recently agreed to provide curbside recycling at the same rate as in the past, but some council members say no. Mr. (Allen) Stoner said recycles can "hoof it to the bins." Let's go down memory lane to nine years ago when we had to sort and store our recyclables in the garage. Remember fighting off the flies and ants until we could load and transport them to the bins at Kroger or other sites? When we arrived to unload, frequently the bins were overflowing, broken glass and paper littered the site. Remember dodging the yellow jackets and bees at the aluminum bin? Somehow, I can't see Mr. Stoner doing this task, but he thinks it is just fine for us. What do you say, friends?
Statistics show Hartselle's curbside recycling participation is 60-70 percent, 297 tons of materials. It has also been stated by county personnel that participation drops to 15-20 percent when people must transport their own recyclables, that's a drop of some 44 tons. The net result: more trash, approximately 253 tons, to fill a landfill that could have been recycled and a detriment to our environment.
In the last few months, three independent polls have been taken regarding the people's opinion on the issue. With each poll, the majority was for curbside recycling, but some of your councilmen still plan on voting no. Who are they listening to? The people have spoken. Please contact your councilman and encourage them to vote for curbside recycling on July 9. It will be a vote for a brighter future for Hartselle and the right choice for our environment. God bless America.
Deborah Morrow Hall
The Falkville Public Library is very excited about our very successful summer reading program. We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their donation to make the 2002 Summer Reading Program possible: Judy Thompson, Kay Farrer, April Thompson, Neil Estes, Robin Brechtel, Jim Aycock, Debra Morgan, Donna Gullate, Valeria Moody, Shannon Slusser, Dari-Delite, Dairy Queen- Hartselle, Corum Building and Farm Supply, K&R Screen Printing, Mr. Quick, Sonic, Hartselle Park and Recreation Board, Point Mallard, The Creation Station, Carmike Eight Cinemas and Freda Curd.
We had over 90 children attend the program. Thanks to all of the parents and grandparents who brought your children. We hope you enjoyed the "summer of mystery."
Keep reading.
Dawn Estes
Falkville Public Library
Is there a duh cloud hanging over city hall? Why would the city fathers want to go with a new garbage service (which is unproven so far in Hartselle) at a reduced rate, then consider the possibility of maintaining recyclable pickup at an increased rate? Why didn't the BFI contract just remain in place? BFI has always been prompt and consistent in my pickup.
I used to have a dog named "City." He chased his tail whenever he got the chance.
Dr. Charles M. Merrill