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By Staff
I wish to address this letter to the citizens of Hartselle. As many of you know, we are monopolized by Charter Communications for a cable television service here in Hartselle. As of this date, there have been no other options and with three or four increases in a short period of time, many of us have been forced to drop a portion of our cable services.
Our mayor and council have worked for us to get this changed, such as meeting with cable companies, talking with people, making calls, etc. Even making a plea with charter to reconsider the last increase.
Finally, there is hope for us in the future. So, don't fall for Charter's gimmicks to get you to hook up to cable again (with six month specials, lower rates, etc.) Many of you have received calls, as I have.
We do see daylight at the end of the tunnel. Charter Cable is losing the battle in the city of Decatur with a new company and service called PCL from Athens. They now have covered a large portion of the southwest section of Decatur, and are beginning on the south of the Beltline. For basic plus enhanced service of only $29 per month, taxes included. I have spoken with numerous people n the southwest section of Decatur and they are pleased with their service and are leaving Charter. We are looking at a period of five months to 18 months and it will be worth the wait. Charter Communications will have at least two or more rate increases by that point.
Please be patient and continue to band together. We will be calling meeting and getting petitions signed for hook-up to the new service.
I have spoken with management of PLC and they have assured me, if the people of Hartselle want their service, they will provide it as soon as possible.
The mayor and council have worked with the people of Hartselle and want what is best for us and have assured me they see no reason not to issue a franchise to another cable service.
Many of us have made a bold and sacrificing move to leave Charter or remain on basic cable only. If we keep our focus, Charter Communications will be the loser, instead of getting richer by using the citizens of Hartselle for whatever excuses they find for rate after rate increase.
Mavine Springer