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Scorchers lead, but BeeWare unbeaten in Angels

By Staff
The Torture Scorchers retained their lead of the Angels league, while the BeeWare girls remained unbeaten in early play.
The Bees played shutout defense and rattled the Babes with a seven-run rally in the third inning.
Michelle Curtis got the pitching win with 11 strikeouts.
Kelsey Starr provided one inning of backup. Laura Wauford took the loss for the Babes with Michelle Smith in relief.
Bee-Ware: Sarah Johnson 3b, 1b, 1r, RBI; K. Starr 2b, 1r, 2 RBI; Raley Sittason 2b, 1r; Kayla Bolton 1b, 1r; Whitney Byford 2b, 1r, 2 RBI; Kayla Bolton RBI; Caroline Helm 2 RBI; Caitlan Haraway RBI.
Bad News Babes: M. Smith 1b; Jessica Perkins 2b.
The Scorchers collected 10 runs with a single in the first and nine in the second, but the Angels prevented a 10-run rule with a three-run rally in the third and two more in the fifth.
Hensley Collins got the pitching win for the Scorchers with six strikeouts.
Abby McHugh provided Collins three innings of relief.
Anna Chappell took the loss for the Angels with Maria Stejskal in relief.
Scorchers: Christa Long 3b, 1r; H. Collins HR, 1b, 2r; Chelsea Maze HR; Amber Lampkin HR; A. McHugh 1b; Alex Paulsen 2b, 1r; Jorden Barrette 2b, 1r; Jessi Wallace 1b.
Lil' Angels: Ceaira Higginbotham 1b, 1r; M. Stejskal 1b, 1r; Raeshawn Jones 2b, 1b, 2r, RBI; A. Chappell 1b (3), 1r; Amanda Roden 1b, RBI; Sarah Hastings 2 RBI.
The Bravehearts overcame a four-run rally by the Sudden Impact with a pair of runs in the bottom of the final inning.
Taylor White got the win for the Bravehearts in relief of Shelby Hoff.
Danielle Carden was saddled with the loss for the Impact, despite striking out eight batters.
Bravehearts: Allison Russell 2r; Jessica Waddell HR, 1r, 2 RBI; Breanna Dean 1b, 1r; S. Hoff 1r; Chelsea Bennich 3b, 1b, 3 RBI; T. White 1b; Lindsey Romager 1b.
Sudden Impact: Britney Brothers HR, 1r, RBI; Deleasa Henderson 1r; D. Carden 3b, 1r, RBI; Chelsea Bennich 3b, 1b, 1r, RBI; Bridgette Johnson 2b, RBI; Carrington Clark 1b.
After falling behind 9-4 in two innings, 2 Intense surged into the lead with a six-run rally in the top of the fourth inning.
The Tigers tried to fight back, but mustered only two runs in response.
Hannah South and Brittney Kerr shared pitching duties for 2 Intense with South getting the win. Callie Miller took the loss for the Tigers.
2 Intense: H. South 3b, 2b, 2r; Elizabeth Reburn 2b, 1b (2), 3r; Cory Livingston HR (2), 1b, 3r, 6 RBI; Chelsea Fagen 3b, 1b, 2r, 2 RBI; Breanna Riley 1b, RBI; B. Kerr 1b (3), 1r; Mary Emily Greenhill 1b, 2 RBI; Savannah Chaney 1b; April Hill 1b; Hope Lewis 1r; Tiffany Hampton HR, 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Savannah Lacey 1b, 1r.
Tony's Tigers: C. Miller 1b, 1r, RBI; Chandler Beard 1b, 1r; Taylor Bean 3r, RBI; Amber Compton 2b, 1b, 2r, 2 RBI; MeKenzie Smithson 2b, 1r, 2 RBI; Beth Shelton 2b, 1r, 2 RBI; Olivia Hampton 1b, 2 RBI; Lindsey Wallace 1b, RBI; Anna Harrison 1r; Tiffany Clay 1r.