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Hartselle Enquirer

A Look Back

By Staff
State and local primary elections are now only a few days away.
1963-May 30, F. E. Burleson has stated that he will retire as principal of the Hartselle Elementary School after 33 years of service. He has been an educator with the Morgan County system for 45 years. Professor Burleson also served with distinction as a member of the Alabama Legislature.
1919-May 31, The woman's suffrage leaders in this area and throughout Alabama are mapping out a vigorous campaign of speechmaking during the next few weeks in anticipation of the next meeting of the state Legislature. It is expected that the assembly will have an opportunity at that time to act on the federal amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.
1921-June 1, Morgan County's S. A. Lynne, Speaker of the House of Representatives, held a conference with Governor Thomas Kilby at the Capitol today. Mr. Lynne indicated he believed the people were dissatisfied with the Legislature and desired the end of the session the moment the most important bills have been enacted.
1970-June 2, Hartselle gave Decaturite Albert Brewer a 283-vote margin of victory over George Wallace in the Democratic gubernatorial primary today. Wallace was elected narrowly based on the statewide vote.
1860-June 3, According to the current polling precinct list, Hartsell's is one of nine voting places in Morgan County.
1927-June 4, The Hartselle Enterprise has editorially criticized Decatur leaders for seeking to block an election on the question of moving the courthouse from there to Hartselle.
1899-June 5, The friends of General Joe Wheeler believe that he will consent to the use of his name as a candidate for Governor and that he will receive the unanimous support of the Democrats in this district. Republicans would not be expected to offer any opposition.
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)