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Reds climb to top of 9-10 league standings

By Staff
The Reds remained the only undefeated team in 9-10 action as the season draws toward the mid-way point.
The Tigers took an early three-run lead and mauled the White Sox for seven late runs to make it a run-away.
Ryland Blankenship struck out seven on his way to a four-inning win. Tyler Bennett took the loss for the White Sox in three innings. Seth Wiley spent one inning in relief.
Tigers: DeQuinn Bibb 3r; Jake Wallace 1b, 2r; Tres Austin 1r; R. Blankenship 1r; Ben Teichmiller 1b; Jake Heym 1b; Cody Anders 2b; Matthew Ramey 1r; Ryan Copeland 1r; Dominque Billups 1r.
White Sox: Austin Reeves 1r; T. Bennett 1b; S. Wiley 1b, 1r; Matt Demastus 2r.
Braves 6, Blue Jays 4:
A trio of two-run innings did the trick for the Braves as they overcame a three-run second-inning blast by the Blue Jays.
Will Lang got the win for the Braves in five innings. Matthew Vest took the loss for the Jays in four innings. Daniel Wilhite closed for the Jays.
Braves: Zac Marsh 2r; Neely Kirby 1r; Sam Fleishman 1b; Josh Kent 1b, 1r; Casey Beasley 1b, 1r; Dakota Robertson 1b, 1r.
Blue Jays: Luke Chaffee 1b; M. Vest 2b, 1b; Gordon Spurlock 2b; B.J. Williams 1r; Dominic Demastus 1b, 2r.
The Indians scored a run in every inning as they barbecued the Bulls and remained unbeaten.
Corey Holladay pitched two innings as the Indians starter. He was followed by Michael McMurray, who struck out four. Will Coleman got the close for the Indians.
Jake Hartsell was saddled with the loss for the Bulls. Trevor Knight worked three innings of relief.
Indians: C. Holladay 1b; Jared Johnson 3b, 2b, 1r; Ryan Joy 1b (2), 2r; Robby Reece 2b, 1b, 2r; M. McMurray 2r; W. Coleman 1b; Braxton Pettey 2r; Ben Koditek 1r; Sawyer Stevens 1r.
Bulls: J. Hartsell 2b, 1r; Jackson Reeves 1b, 1r; T. Knight 1r; Logan Cain 2b (2); Daniel Cheatham 1r; Houston Holmes 1r.
The Reds pulled away in the middle going, but the Sox put up a battle, making the game close with a late four-run rally.
Jake Kimbrell got the win for the Reds by striking our seven in six innings. He walked three and gave up eight hits. Torrin Dupper provided one inning of relief.
John Roberts took the loss for the Sox in four innings. Hayden McCaghren worked one inning of relief.
Reds: T. Dupper 1r; J. Kimbrell 3b, 2r; Matt Johnston 1r; Alex Taylor 1b, 1r; Tyler Elliott 1r; Ethan Howell 2r; Robert Summerford 3b, 1r; Joel McGuyre 1r.
The Giants had a giant of a third inning as they stomped the Blue Jays for 12 runs and shortened the game to three innings.
Mac Hendrix was the winning pitcher for the Giants with seven strike outs, two walks and two hits.
Matthew Vest was mauled by the Giant batters for 12 runs on 13 hits during his lone inning on the mound in relief of Chase Fowler.
Giants: Chance Partlow 1b (2), 2r; Hunter McCaghren 2b, 1b (2), 3r; Will Swann 2b, 1b, 2r; Mac Hendrix 2b, 1b, 3r; Ryan Brown 1b (2), 2r; Hayden Williams 3b, 1b, 1r; Ethan Rose 2b, 1b, 1r; Bill Fulmer 1b, 2r.
Blue Jays: M. Vest 1b; C. Fowler 1b.
The Reds had to come up with a seven-run rally in the bottom of the fifth inning to overcome a six-run Bulls blitz. The narrow victory kept the Reds unbeaten.
Torrin Dupper and Matt Johnson shared pitching duties for the Reds, while Trevor Knight, David Ferguson, Jake Hartsell and Logan Cain all saw time on the mound for the Bulls.
Reds: M. Johnston 1r; Zach Letson 1r; Zack Alred 1r; A. Taylor 1r; T. Elliott 1b, 1r; E. Howell 1r; R. Summerford 1r.
Bulls: T. Knight 1r; L. Cain 1b, 1r; D. Ferguson 1r; Cody Greenwell 1r; D. Cheatham 1r; Austin Bowers 1r.
The Tigers scored pairs in their first three at-bats, while the Blue Jays avoided the shutout with a lone run in the top of the fourth.
Ryland Blankenship and Ben Teichmiller shared pitching duties for the Tigers, going two innings each. Chase Fowler took the loss for the Jays in a complete game in which he struck out six..
Tigers: D. Bibb 2r; J. Wallace HR, 1b, 2r; C. Anders 1b, 2r; David Bates 1r.
Blue Jays: L. Chaffee 1r.
The White Sox broke open a scoreless game with a lone run in the fourth inning.
They followed up with a five-run fifth and a four-run sixth.
The Bulls managed to get Logan Cain around the diamond to avoid the shutout.
Jackson Reeves and Tyler Bennett shared the pitching chores for the White Sox, each striking out five.
Cain, Jake Hartsell and Austin Reeves spent time on the mound of the Bulls. Cain struck out eight in four no-hit innings.
White Sox: Hayden Dye 3r; T. Bennett 2r; S. Wiley 1r; Steven Scott 1b; Brian Sharp 1b, 2r; Tyler Burcham 1b, 2r.
Bulls: J. Hartsell 1b; L. Cain 1b, 1r.
The Braves broke a 5-5 deadlock in a big way. They plated 10 runs in the top of the fifth inning and allowed only a two-run response from the Giants.
Sam Fleishman got the win for the Braves with Will Lang getting the save.
Hunter McCaghren, Ethan Rose and Will Swann shared pitching duties for the Giants.
Braves: Z. Marsh 1r; N. Kirby 2r; W. Lang 2b, 3r; S. Fleishman 2r; Will Tiffin 1r; Nathan Owen 2b, 1r; J. Kent 1r; C. Beasley 3b, 1r; Josh Patterson 1r; Jared Appleton 2b, 1r; D. Robertson 1r.
Giants: C. Partlow 1b, 2r; H. McCaghren 2r; W. Swann 2b (2), 1r; H. Williams 1r; E. Rose 1r.
The Red Sox strung three lone runs together to vanquish the Indians.
John Roberts and Hayden McCaghren worked the mound for the Red Sox. McCaghren fanned six.
Ryan Joy took the loss for the Indians, also striking out six.
Corry Holladay opened the game for the Indians and worked three innings.
Red Sox: J. Roberts 3b, 1b, 1r; Jesse Ransom 1b, 1r; Joel Coulter 1r.
Indians: R. Joy 1b (2); R. Reece 1b (2).