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Blue Jays defeat Dirtbags, take 13-14 lead

By Staff
The Blue Jays took over sole possession of the 13-14 year-old league lead with an 8-6 victory over their closest rivals, the Dirtbags.
The Jays rose to the top of the 13-14 standings with this head-to-head victory over their closest rival.
The Blue Jays started the scoring with four runs in the top of the first, but the Dirtbags answered with five runs in the bottom half to take the lead.
The birds answered right back with four more runs and then tightened up their defense to keep the 'Bags off the board until they plated a final run in the fifth.
Blue Jays: Parker 1b (3), 1r; Burleson 1b, 2r; McClanahan HR, 2b, 2r; Stisher 1b, 2r; Russell 2b, 1r; Bradford 1b; Tortorano 2b.
Dirtbags: Hargett 1r; Chenault 1r; Thomas HR, 1b, 2r; Veres 1b (2), 1r; Sullivan 1b; Livingston 1r; Watson 1b; Wallace 1b.
The Mets came on with early and late runs coupled with stifling defense to down the Braves.
Mets: Dunlap 1b (2), 1r; Reed 1b, 1r; Wray 1r; D. Smith 1r; Terry 2b, 1b, 1r; J. Smith 1r.
Braves: Maze 1b, 1r; Z. Long 1b (2); Young 1r; McCutheon 1b; Pump 1b (2); Sinclair 1b.
After falling behind four runs, the Blue Jays mounted a mid-inning rally that produced four runs in the third, five in the fourth and a pair in the fifth. The Angels got one in the first and three in the second.
Blue Jays: Parker 2r; McClanahan 1b, 2r; Burleson 2r; Stisher 2b, 1b, 1r; Russell 2b, 1b; Lemmond 2b; Aycox 1b, 2r; Sutton 1b, 2r.
Angels: Kimbrell 2b, 1r; Taylor 1b, 2r; Thompson 1b; McCaghren 2b (3), 1b, 1r; Garrison 1b, 1r.
After trading lone runs in the first inning, the Angels took a two-run lead in the bottom of the second. But the Blue Jays rallied for four runs in the top of the third to take the lead.
Blue Jays: Parker 1b (2), 1r; Burleson 1b; Stisher 1b (2), 2r; Russell 1b, 2r; Tortorano 1b, 1r; Lemmond 1r; Sutton 1b.
Angels: Kimbrell 1b, 2r; Taylor 2b, 1r; Thompson 1b; McCaghren 2b.
Eight runs in the top of the first inning were all the Dirtbags needed to put away the Mets who scored one run in each of the first five innings.
Dirtbags:Corum 2r; Hargett 2b, 1b (2), 1r; Chenault 1b (2), 1r; Thomas 1r; Veres 1b, 1r; Chop 1r; Watson 1r.
Mets :Reed 1b (2), 1r; Stowe 1b (2), 2r; Wray 2b, 1b; Terry 1b, 1r; D. Smith 2b; Brasher 1r.
The Mets picked up five runs in the first two innings and limited the Braves to one lone run in the top of the fifth and sixth innings.
Mets: Dunlap 1b, 1r; Reed 2b, 1b, 1r; Lindsey 1b; Stowe 1r; Prater 1b, 1r; D. Smith 1b; O'Hare 1b, 1r.
Braves: T. Long 2b; Z. Long 1b; Maze 1b; Stalnaker 1b, 1r; McCutheon 1b, 1r.
The Blue Jays didn't even blink as the Angels jumped to a three-run lead. The Jays answered with two in the first, three in the second, five in the third and three in the fifth to decide the game.
Blue Jays: Parker 1b (2), 2r; McClanahan HR (2), 2b, 3r; Burleson 1b (3), 2r; Aycox 1r; Tortorano 1r; Lemmond 1b (2), 1r; Sibley 1r; Russell 1r; Sutton 1b, 1r.
Angels: Thompson 1r; McCaghren 1b, 1r; Terry 1b, 1r; Geison 1b; Brakefield 1b; Garrison 1b.