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Another stressful day ends

By By Renee Shadden
Ever had one of those days when you should've just stayed in bed?
Well I've had more than my share and lately they've been multiplying.
Last Thursday, was a perfect example.
Where should I begin? Well it was pouring down rain for one thing.
That always puts me in a hair-frizzing good mood.
I fought a headache all day long and the pain intensified with each passing hour.
While the rest of my day wasn't anything to call Guinness about, I felt like it was the worst day ever….until it got worse.
I was supposed to cover a monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m. When I get there, I discover a retirement tea is going on instead.
The meeting is next week. They change the meeting day twice a year just to keep folks on their toes. Obviously, I wasn't on mine.
Subconsciously, I knew about the meeting change, but it just didn't register.
Where was my head?
Oh yeah, I forgot, it's off in the corner somewhere splitting.
So at last I think I've caught a break. I'm tired, my head's killing me, but at least now I can go home and relax.
The phone rings nonstop.
A salesman.
Finally, as I decide to put this day behind me and go to bed, I get another phone call.
This time it's not a salesman. It's my husband.
He's had a wreck he says.
'Just great,' I'm thinking to myself.
We had just been discussing how we were so thankful we didn't have to make a car payment since our budget seems to be so tight lately.
So much for that.
At least he wasn't hurt, I tell him.
"Can you come and get me?" he asks.
After much thought about how tired I am and how much I'd love to just go to sleep, ultimately my love for him wins out and I say, "Yes. I'll be right there."
After all the proper police reports were filled out and the truck was towed away, we came home–an hour later.
So now we're out one vehicle (we're borrowing one of my mom's five) out the insurance deductible and up a creek without a paddle.
So pardon me while I progress from stressed out to nervous breakdown.
Anybody got a valium?