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11-12 youth league sorting out leaders

By Staff
The league leaders are starting to bubble to the top of the 11-12 youth league standings.
A pair of runs in the first, coupled with four in the second provided all the scoring in this Southeastern match up.
Chad Girodo worked the complete game, striking out nine Auburn batters, while giving up five hits and two walks.
Alex Glenn took the loss for the Tigers despite fanning 11 Georgia batters. He allowed three hits and three bases-on-balls.
Georgia: Dylan Sparkman 2b; C. Girodo 1b, 1r; Tony Weaver 1b; Barrett Eubanks 1r; Caleb Blackman 1r; Steven Crowe 1; Charlie McAbee 1r; Tyler Franks 1r.
Auburn: A. Glenn 1b; Forrest Burleson 1b; Cody Roberts 1b; Garrett Turrentine 1b; Will Ellis 1b.
The fourth inning saw all the scoring going on in this tight contest. The Bengal's Spencer Orr plated a lone homerun in the top half and the Vols responded with a pair in the bottom.
David Jackson got the win for the Vols in four innings. Russell Powell spent two innings in relief.
Spencer Orr was tagged with the loss in two innings of relief of Tim Beach. Orr fanned six with one hit and one walk.
Tennessee: Zac Waddell 3b, 1r; Bryan Weatherford 1b, 1r.
LSU: Judd McCravy 1b; Spencer Orr HR; Andrew Hampton 1b; Michael Villano 2b.
The Rainbows scored runs in four of six innings, but couldn't overcome a six-run blast by the Bulldogs in the first inning, combined with a four-run rally in the third.
David Reeves got the win for Miss. St. with nine strikeouts. Joseph Pinion took the loss for the Rainbows.
Miss. St.: Wilder Queen 1b; Luke Bole 1b (3), 1r; Brent Denson 1b, 1r; D. Reeves 2b, 1b, 1r; Peyton Speegle 1b (3), 3r; Matt Tortorano 2r; Hugheston Slate 1r; Clark Gully 2b (2), 1r; Chase Hall 1r.
Rainbows: Daniel Owen 1b (2), Manquez Jones 3b, 1b, 2r; J. Pinion 2b, 2r; Caleb Murphy 2b, 1b, 1r; Marquez Jones 1b, 1r; Joey Johnson 1b.
Alabama got off to a rolling start with two runs in the bottom of the first inning but the Michigan squad turned Alabama blue when they scored a pair to tie in the fourth and the winning run in the fifth.
Andrew Howard got the win for five innings of work on the mound.
He fanned 10, walked three and allowed only one hit. Ethan Widener got the start for Michigan, but worked only two innings.
Kyle Heym held the mound for six in the loss, fanning 10 and walking four with two hits.
Michigan: Jonathan Hartsell 2b, 1r; E. Widener 1b; A. Howard 1r; Josh Chop 1r.
Alabama: Josh Elswick 1b, 1r; K. Heym 3b, 1b, 1r.
The Vols took an early three-run lead they never relinquished. Scoring pairs in the second and third, they capped the game with a four-run blast in the fifth.
David Jackson got the win for Tennessee in two innings. He handed the mound off to Russell Powell for two stanzas.
Powell turned the pitching duties over to Bryan Weatherford for the close.
Dylan Sparkman took the loss for the Bulldogs in three innings. Tony Weaver worked three innings of relief.
Tennessee: Darrell Dye 1r; Josh Roberson 2b, 1b, 1r; John Alan Landers 2b, 1b, 2r; Zac Waddell 1b (2), 1r; B. Weatherford 2r; R. Powell 1b (2), 1r; D. Jackson 2b, 1b, 1r; Nicholas Howard 1b; Bradley Bordan 1b (2), 1r; Kevin Porter 1r.
Georgia: T. Weaver 1b, 1r; C. Girodo 1b (2), 2r; Luke Holt 2b, 1b, 1r; B. Eubanks 1r; Andrew Sandor 1b, 1r; Tyler Franks 1b.
The Tide swamped the islanders with three runs in the first, coupled with a pair in the fifth and a lone circuit in the sixth.
Kyle Johnson worked six innings for the win, striking out nine Rainbow batters. He gave up two hits and two walks.
Joey Johnson took the loss for Hawaii.
Alabama: P. Sittason 1b, 2r; J. Elswick 1b (2), 2r; K. Johnson 2b, 1r; K. Heym 2b; Ty Murphy 1r; Mike Hasse 2b.
Hawaii: Manquez Jones 1r; Daniel Owen 1b; C. Murphy 1b, 1r; J. Johnson 1r; Dustin Jordan 1r.
The Wolverines took an early lead, but could not hold off a late rally by the Bayou Bengals that spanned three innings.
Spencer Orr was the winning pitcher for LSU in four innings work. He struck out nine and gave up only one hit. Andrew Hampton and Tim Beach each spent one inning in relief.
Alex Mote worked the entire game for Michigan in the loss.
LSU: Tony Villano 1b, 2r; A. Hampton 2r; S. Orr 3b, 1b; Will Chappell 2b, 1r; Judd McCravy 2b; M. Villano 1b, 1r; Taylor Nelson 1r; T. Beach 1b; Zeke Kelley 1b, 1r; Skylar Sain 1b, 1r.
Michigan: J. Hartsell 1r; A. Howard 2b; A. Mote 1r; Daryn Raley 1b, 1r; J. Chop 2r; Seth Russell 1r; Jeremy Thompson 1r.
Auburn marched to a victory highlighted by an in-the-park homer by Isaac Brinkley.
The Tigers broke free with a pair of two-run innings late to break a 1-1 deadlock.
Garrett Turrentine picked up the win for the Tigers in a six-inning performance. He fanned eight while walking only one and giving up four hits.
Luke Bole took the loss in a complete game. He struck out eight, walked two and gave up eight hits.
Auburn: C. Roberts 1b, 1r; A. Glenn 1b, 1r; Z. Bodley 1r; G. Turrentine 1b (3), Will Hampton 1b; W. Ellis 1b, 1r; I. Brinkley HR; Josh Hurter 1b.
Miss. St.: L. Bole 1b (3), 1r; C. Gully 1b; C. Hall 1r.