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Hartselle Enquirer

Enquirer begins "Ask An Expert' feature

By Staff
When is the old Hammit Street bridge going to be replaced?
How do I get the bugs off my tomato plants?
What are the plans for the old school board building?
Question, questions, questions – it seems like they're all around us.
It's the answers that can be a bit tricky.
That's why the Hartselle Enquirer is starting a new feature called Ask An Expert.
The idea is simple: you ask and we find the answers.
Here's how it will work:
Send in your questions about issues affecting Morgan County or just life in general. Be as specific as possible for the best answer.
Questions can be submitted in a variety of ways. They can be e-mailed to leada.devaney@hartselleenquirer.com; faxed to 256-773-1953; or phoned in to the editorial department at 256-773-6566.
Questions should be signed and include the askers phone number. Askers first name only will be used in the newspaper.
Questions will be answers in a first-come, first-serve basis as answers can be located. In the case of a difficult question, it may take a few weeks to track down the answer.
We will be using a variety of sources to find the answers. First, we will use experts in Morgan County and, if we can't find someone around here, we will look for someone in the state, nation or even the world. We'll keep looking until we find an answer. All questions will be run at the discretion of the editor.
Call 773-6566 for more information on "Ask An Expert."