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Blue Jays and Dirtbags rise to top of 13-14 baseball

By Staff
The Blue Jays put togehter a strong showing in their second week of youth league play in the 13-14 year-old division. The Dirtbags also turned in a stong showing.
The Jays collected four runs to start the game and added four runs across the final four innings to flog the Braves.
Blue Jays: Aycox 2b; McClanahan 2b, 3r; Russell 1b, 1r; Stisher 1b, 1r; Burleson 2b, 1b, 1r; Tortorano 1b; Sutton 1r.
Braves: Maze 3b, 1b, 1r; McCutheon 1b, 1r.
After both squads plated three runs in the first inning the Mets took a one-run lead only to see it get away when the Jays collected one run in the third, fourth and fifth innings.
Blue Jays: Aycox 1b, 1r; Parker 1b (2), 2r; McClanahan HR, 2b, 1r; Burleson 1r; Tortorano 1r.
Mets: Dunlap 1b, 2r; Reed 1r; Lindsey 1b; Stowe 2b, 1b, 1r; J. Smith 1b (2); Smith 1b.
The Dirtbags racked up four runs before the Angels got on the board with a three-run rally.
The Dirtbags responded with seven runs in response to put the game out of reach.
Dirtbags: Corum 1b (2), 2r; Hargett HR, 1b, 3r; Chenault 1r; Schofield 2b (2), 1r; Veres 1r; Thomas 1b, 1r; Wallace 1r; Sullivan 1b, 1r.
Angels: Taylor 1r; McCaghren 1r; Lee 2b (2), Brakefield 1r; Galloway 1r; Street 1r.
The Dirtbags overcame an early Mets lead and survived a late Mets rally to claim their fourth win.
Dirtbags: Corum 1b, 1r; Hargett 1b (2); Veres 1b, 2r; Thomas 1b, 1r; Chop HR, 2r; Henderson 2b, 1r; Sullivan 1b.
Mets: Dunlap 1b, 2r; Reed 1b, 1r; Lindsey 2b, 1r; Stowe 2b (2), 1r; Wray 1b; Brasher 1b.
After falling behind the Braves 5-1 the Angels took flight for four runs in the fourth and gained the margin with a two-run fifth inning.
Angels: Taylor 1b, 2r; Thompson 1b, 2r; McCaghren 1b (2), 2r; Lee 1b; Garrison 1b; Galloway 1r.
Braves: T. Long 2b, 1b, 2r; Young 1b; Maze 2b (2), 2r; Stalnaker 1b, 1r; Jones 2b, 1r.