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Biting yourself

Did you know the one who acts out of anger is the loser?   There is a fable about a young lion and a mountain goat ... Read more

3 days ago by Staff Reports.

With plow lines in hand

Hardly a day passes when I’m working in my garden that I’m not reminded of the long, sweat-drenched days I spent in the fields plowing ... Read more

4 days ago by Clif Knight.

“Gen” Burleson as legislator

One frequently hears political candidates today say, “I’m not a politician.” “Gen” Burleson’s principal occupation was that of educator; however, he was a quick study and ... Read more

5 days ago by Bill Stewart.

Hold on while the train passes

By Randy Garrison Many times each week when I am on the phone, I have to tell whoever I am speaking with to “hold on while the train ... Read more

6 days ago by Staff Reports.

Hope is an awesome thing

By Todd Barrier “From Parade magazine comes the story of self-made millionaire Eugene Land, who greatly changed the lives of a sixth-grade class in East ... Read more

1 week ago by Staff Reports.

Old-timey July 4

The Fourth of July observance is not what it used to be. If it wasn’t for the sound of fireworks going off or social distancing practices from ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Clif Knight.

A continuing look back at F. E. Burleson

March 22, 1926—Four days before Forrest Burleson’s election to the Alabama Legislature, Congress passed a law authorizing the Alabama Highway Department to construct a bridge ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Bill Stewart.

More updates come to downtown

By Randy Garrison The City of Hartselle continues with efforts to improve and update the downtown area.   The entrance from both directions, east and west, is very important to visitors to our ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

A Poor Joke

By Phillip Hines  Country comedian Jerry Clower told this story of a lady he once knew in Amite County, Mississippi.   She lived near a construction site, and workers were ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

A late night surprise

There was never a dull moment in the lives of my siblings and some of our friends when we were growing up as early teens ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Clif Knight.

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