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Fun facts about the Fourth of July

It’s almost the Fourth of July! It’s almost the Fourth of July! Yes, Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Well, for several reasons.
It is very close to the birthday of two of my children; one on July 2 and one on July 8 . It is the birthday celebration of my country.
I love living in the United States. I would not choose to live in any other country.
I love my freedoms and take them seriously. Another reason is some of my happiest memories are of celebrating the Fourth of July with my family as I have shared before.
So in celebration of one of my favorite holidays here are a few Fourth of July trivia questions.
1. Betsy Ross sewed our first flag, but do you know who designed it?
2. What does it mean when the flag is flown upside down?
3. What is an expert in flag history called?
4. How many places in the United States have “liberty” in their name?
5. How many places in the United States have “patriot” in their name?
6. What is the dollar value of fireworks imported from China?
7. The United States imported $7.9 million in flags from what country?
8. How many flags were flown over the U. S. capitol on the Fourth of July at the request of House and Senate members?
9. What substance is used as a coloring agent to get blue in fireworks?
10. What substances are used to get sparks in fireworks?

1. It is thought that Francis Hopkinson, a Continental Congress delegate from New Jersey, designed the American flag.
2. Flying the flag upside down means someone is in serious distress.
3. Vexillologist is a flag history expert.
4. 30.
5. 1, Patriot, Indiana
6. $128.8 million.
7. China. Yes, China. However, after 9/11 we imported over $51 million. Wow.
8. 1,200. OK, I’m all for patriotism, but really? How many tax dollars did that cost because you know the House and Senate members didn’t pay for that out of their pockets!
9. Copper
10. Titanium and Iron
Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!
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